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Phlibitat Doo


After Phlibitat Doo's self-titled debut LP, filled to the brim with almost completely incomprehensible hip hop, this album disappoints on almost every level. Produced by Kenny G, the standout track is "Condana," which takes the listener on a long, dense look into a swirling miasma of plasma. While the beats flow like butter and the words like molasses, the tension between the old skool and new skool of hip hop is exciting. The rest of the album could almost be filler, sae a couple unforgivable blunders, like when Phlibitat Doo accidentally pairs two lines coherently in "Immortal."

Phlibitat Doo is over for us. Too much meaning and such simple mistakes mean he's losing his grip on the old skool too soon.

Kooly Aaa

You can lyptus EP

Kooly Aaa, Donald Glover's latest project in collaboration with ??? crew could redefine the dub-noise-hip-hop genre as we know it today and bring it out into the mainstream. Calculated deceptions and cleverly placed adverbs lend a tasty piecemeal vibe to this witty EP.

Standout tracks include "See ya nide," which could possibly be an epic diss to the DMZ or maybe an encoded threat to penguins in the artic, and "My cat," which Glover has confirmed is not actually about his cat.

Yo Momma is looking forward to Kooly Aaa's next album, "Pick up some bread and milk at the store" coming out on March 13th.

Will Smith

Willionaire Pt. 3

The embodiment of perfection, Will Smith, did it again. Although it's been two years since Willionaire Pt. 2, his newest somehow confuses with even greater depth. His inimitable style seeps through the trifling beat and fuzzy lyrics to reverberate on a subconscious level. Somehow suave subdues the sexy songmaster, suggesting sweet salutations. Each track is perfectly crafted with layers of non-meaning and the whole album pushes the boundaries of incohesiveness.

This album is also Will Smith's response to Mark Wahlberg's diss in his latest EP "Can't do it," where Marky Mark subtly accused Will Smith of stealing some of his rhymes. Smith raises some major beef, going so far as to directly say "Mark" in the lyrics at some point.

There's nothing negative to say about this record. It's got fresh beats and perfect lyrics. Highly recommended.

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